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Monday, December 01, 2008

The 30 Day Blog Makeover Project

Every blogger has the same list I do. A list of things they want to fix on their blogs, if only they had the time (or technical ability). For me, they range from small things like wanting the titles of my blog posts to be clickable, to bigger things like finally getting a real logo and brand for my blog. So today I'm launching a new experiment. By January 1st, exactly one month from now, I'm planning to relaunch this blog.

Over the next 30 days I'm going to tackle the small things and big things that I have wanted to change on my blog for months (and sometimes even years) since I launched it. More importantly, I'm going to share the results of the project here, in case some of you readers are comtemplating doing the same thing with your blogs, or just interested in seeing how this experiment turns out. 

To start, here are the simple steps that I'll be taking - including a few opportunities for you to participate as well:

Step 1: Launch an open call for design help to develop a new brand identity.
Step 2: Create a survey for readers asking for feedback on what to change.
Step 3: Make a list of desired changes and categorize them high or low priority.
Step 4: Implement all the high priority changes and relaunch the site.
Step 5: Do all of the above for less than $250 and in under 30 days.

The first two steps are now live, so please check them out and share them freely. The rest I'll be working on over the next few weeks, and I'll share what I've learned from the experience once I make it through.




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This is a great experiment my friend. It's already a solid blog. I think that adding another column might get you more traffic and clicks above the fold.

Consider Video and Podcasting. I have started to add more multimedia elements to my blog as video seems to be the next wave of blogging content, etc.


I started down this very same thought process this weekend. I was trying to decide the target for my survey, however: do I want to tap into my existing readers, or look outside that to enhance my reach and see what non-readers would prefer?

My problem is that my blog is several years old and has evolved organically as my interests and expertise has shifted. I don't have a strong sense of who my current audience is and if I am meeting the needs of who I wish to attract.

I commend you on jumping in and taking your first two big steps, and I wish you luck!

I think posting your list of things to do is great. I recently did the same thing but for SEO on my site and it makes me accountable to the few people that read my blog.

This is a great blog: I am a regular reader. One suggestion, though: updating Favourites (bottom, right).
By the way, just linked to you in my most recent post (regarding High Peak's Resort - one of the best blog posts about the downturn, i think).

Hey Rohit, there is an error to the link to the logo competition. It should be

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