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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama Has A Drinking Problem

Imb_tappeningobama_6 Got your attention? That's the brilliant tagline of a new campaign from the folks behind Tappening, a grassroots effort to tell Americans (and the world) about the dangers of bottled water and encourage them to switch to tap water. I have written about the campaign before as a good example of cause related marketing that encourages people to take action. They are continuing the effort with a very topical campaign designed to generate awareness and perhaps influence legislation as well. The campaign uses powerful facts delivered through blog posts with headlines such as "40% of bottled water IS tap water" and a simple website designed to give you enough ammunition not just to become more aware of the issue, but also to retell it to others. At the end of the day, it's a useful example for marketers not only for taking on a good cause, but doing it in a way that makes it likely for people to not just support the effort, but also tell others about it. They are meeting the most important criteria for effective word of mouth marketing ... actually giving people something to talk about.  Oh, and by the way, McCain has a drinking problem too - here are a few more ads from the campaign:



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I love this campaign. I don't necessarily agree with the message, but the execution is very good!

Those definitely got my attention — leveraging political celebrities and using that startling tagline.

These guys are seriously good at getting attention. I see this campaign everywhere. I know it's some big shot pr guy married to some big shot ad guy. Who are these guys? They're good.

If one more client brings this Tappening campaign up in a meeting, I may have to quit and go work for them.

That DEFINITELY got my attention. Good post on ad campaigning :)

Great stuff! I have never seen this campaign anywhere. I love it..perfect timing for it too.

Hey Andy-where you been brother? Those "guys" get so much press it's impossible to miss them. Th PR dude is this guy Eric Yaverbaum. He runs Ericho Communications. He writes books too. He's all over the press for a few different things. Has been for years and years. The ad guy is Mark DiMassimo. He runs some boutique hotshop called DiMassimo Goldstein. He's also all over the press. A lot more lately. How can you be in our business and not know those guys.

I read somewhere that these guys are personal friends and are doing some other business ventures together. Not sure where I read that, so I may be off on that one. You really dug before you asked that question huh. Although I will agree I'm sick about hearing about them in client meetings.

But it's a pretty cool gig they created for themselves.

I have the same drinking problem...and I can't get up!

if only this were the biggest "problem" American voters needed to consider when choosing a candidate.

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