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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Inbox Overload? Two Videos You Need To Watch ...

If you have ever thought about declaring "email bankruptcy" just to get rid of all those old messages in your inbox - you may want to check out these two videos.  The first is an often passed around presentation from Merlin Mann's Google TechTalk last year about "Inbox Zero" which is a philosophy for clearing out your inbox that will go a long way to revolutionizing the way that you deal with email:

The second is a great example from Gary Vaynerchuck from WineLibraryTV about dealing with inbox overload in a very personal way in his own trademark style:

On a Saturday afternoon dealing with my own inbox overload issues, I'm getting inspired to a better way through these videos. As soon as I finish procrastinating by writing this post, of course.


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These are great tips! We have been victim to email bankruptcy ourselves... love innovative little tips to keep you on top of things.


This is such a great topic -- never endingly fascinating. Or should I say provocative? I wrote about it one year ago for The Guardian (click my name). fyi -- my inbox is *never* empty.

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