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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Marketing In The Age Of Disposable Email

Imb_mintemail Some guy named Bob probably hates me. I don't know him and he doesn't know me ... but he's the unfortunate registrant of and has used his first name for his email address. Yup, you guessed it - that makes his email address That also happens to be the email address that I have used for the past ten years to fill out forms that require an email address that I don't want to give. For more than a decade, Bob has been getting my junk email and to tell you a truth, I feel bad about it. That alone isn't the reason I've had to give up my use of Bob's email, though. The reason is that I can't pick up those confirmation emails that you need to click on in order to activate an account.

Recently, I came across a site called Mintemail that has found an interesting solution ... disposable email. This is essentially what it sounds like - an email address that is good for four hours, usually just long enough to use to register for a site, get a confirmation email and pick it up. The service has lots of smart features built in, such as automatically saving the email address to your clipboard so you're ready to paste it into a form. Every once in a while, there is a solution so simple you wonder why no one else has done it first. I love seeing things like that and this definitely qualifies. If you have a form that requires your audience to enter an email address they are not interested in giving you, it looks like you won't be able to rely on the confirmation email to get you a working email address anymore. In the age of disposable email, it looks like you're going to have to work harder to earn the right to ask for a user's email address. I suppose the upside is that now those bogus emails will bounce after four hours. I bet poor Bob wishes I found this site a lot earlier.

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Jennifer Lopez must hate me. Instead of Bob, I have been using to fill out forms.

I have been using Slopsbox for a while now and it hasn't let me down yet. Same concept as mint email but they delete your messages after 24 hours.

The "making money" niche is getting to be a crowded niche. It seems like there is a new guru each month with the biggest launch of the year each week. How do a "newbie" know who to follow? My suggestion is to follow your gut before you pull out your wallet. Join the list of a few Internet Marketers and see just what kind of advice they offer. If every email from them is an affiliate offer and there is no other info, you may want to continue your search.

There are a lot of good IMs out there. My favorite 4 are Todd Gross, Derrick Van Dyke, JP Schoeffel, and Eric Holmlund. Keith Baxter and Russell Brunson are also high on the my list.

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If you like disposable email, but want to keep it for more than 4 hours (like, years - or as long as you like), check out

You can even reply to emails, and it 'auto translates' your real email address to the disposable one.

"1. Create an account: Providing a username, a password, and an email address you wish hidden from spammers.

2. Every time you need to give out your email address to somebody you don't trust, log in to Sneakemail and create a new Sneakemail address.

3. Give this Sneakemail address to them instead.

Mail sent to this Sneakemail address is rerouted to your real address, and when you reply it is rerouted back to the sender. Your real address is never seen. If you receive unwanted mail through this Sneakemail address, such as spam, you can take control by either filtering incoming mail using the Sneakemail filters, disabling the Sneakemail address itself, or disposing of it permanently. You also now know where a spammer got your address.

You now know all you need to know to protect your inbox from the internet by using Sneakemail."

Basic account is free, and even paid account is dirt cheap.

That is funny stufff. Bob gets hammered with junk emails. I hear kids saying they put down cops and teacher emails on everthing from mailing list to pornsites. I guess you meant no harm and thats what makes side splitting funny.


I guess Bob probably hates me for a few things, too. So do some people at a few other random domains. The idea of disposable email has been around for a while, though. I see a few listed in the other comments there. I personally like One way to avoid getting disposable emails in your list, though, is to check for them. I've seen a few sites that do this. Basically just don't allow sign-ups from domains you know host only disposable email. Sure it takes a little more work to set up, but you'll end up with a more reliable list. Just my two cents.

Live and Learn,

Thank you for posting that site, I will add it to my list.

However, as a marketer myself (and I assume you are too), I think we need to re-think the use of these email addresses. They seem like a good idea at first, and in some cases they are.

However if I am trying to market a product, do I want people using those email address when signing up to my list? No. Therefore I don't use them.

I am signing up to get something, therefore I am ok with giving them my email address. I think it's only fair for them to ask for my email address, in exchange for allowing me to get something for free.

The only time I do use them is when I know it's a real spammer that I am giving my email address to. And this only happens when I am investigating their actions.

But, in situations where you are forced to sign up when you were not told so in the first place is a different story. (example, buying a product, then finding out you have to fill out a form).

Great Post..

Poor Bob hey. I've done this before and thank god for this new service hey. robably stop a lot of stray emails.

Great Post.. Poor Bob hey..!! Bet this disposable service saves a lot of stray emails to alot of Bobs.

A great tip for all of you with your own lists is to use double opt ins to prevent people entering fake emails and then you risking spamming..

Signing up with a disposable address is like buying something with counterfeit bills- just not right.

And if I owned the domain, I'd sell it for big bucks.

Disposable email is nice but in my opinon four hours is way to short of a time frame.
I use disosable email that stays with me until I decide to delete it, which suits me fine. Who knows I may hang onto an address for as long as one year, then dump it.
On the flip side I don't like the idea of a visitor coming to one of my blogs, grabing something for free, and then deleting me.
After all I did buy his email address with a free download.

Hi Rohit,

Thank you for sharing this info. Disposable emails, that is interesting. Will check it out and see it for myself.

You have a lot of interesting information here. Will come back for more.

Kathleen Gage

It is all about providing valuable content to the users.

Disposable emails can be very effective.

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Couple of great comments here. I just throw in my comments.

* As a consumer I think it's waste of time anyway to deal with something or someone that makes me think, "I should use a disposable email address". Forget it. It's not worth it.

* What Guru should you trust? Well, follow them for a while (there are great names mentioned already). Act on their free (for email address) info... I mean do what they say! ... If it really makes you money, you might want to open your wallet. If you have more 'play' money, just buy someting, try it out and save time that way.

* As a business owner I'd say you need to better sell your opt-in and encourage people to give you a real email address. Blocking certain domains is definitely a good option.

Yours John

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I like

once registered you can create disposables on the fly and specify an expiry time for each (or none at all) and a maximum to be received. If you receive from multiple domains, you can shut SOME of them down and leave others.
Or of course with a single click,stop andy more emails from coming.

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