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Friday, March 28, 2008

BOOK LAUNCH! The Personality Not Included Interview Series

Buypni_2 Three days ago I issued an open call on my blog to ask for any blogger to send me a 5 question interview that I would personally respond to (without cutting and pasting responses). Today is the launch day for Personality Not Included and I've got more than 50 interview requests to respond to! So throughout the day I will be responding to questions and updating the links to all the questions here. If you want to follow along through the day, you can do that here ... or just wait until the end of the day and I will produce a compilation of some of the best questions and themes that emerged. 

As promised, on Monday there will be a vote to select the Best Interview, and the winner will receive a signed copy of the book and an Amazon gift certificate for $100. In the meantime, enjoy all the responses ... hopefully they'll give you a better idea of what's in the book, my process behind writing it, and why you might want to pick up a copy (or two)!

BLOGGER INTERVIEW LIST (in order received - inactive links mean bloggers have not yet posted my responses - everyone should have received their responses):

  1. Ryan Karpeles | Interview Link
  2. Darayush Mistry | Interview Link
  3. Michelle Greer | Interview Link
  4. Dan Schawbel | Interview Link
  5. Saul Colt | Interview Link 
  6. Katia Adams | Interview Link
  7. Jinal Shah | Interview Link
  8. Anastasia Goodstein | Interview Link
  9. Scott Monty | Interview Link
  10. Todd Andrlik | Interview Link
  11. Kevin Dugan | Interview Link
  12. Valerie Conyngham | Interview Link
  13. Helen Hoefele | Interview Link
  14. Denise Wakeman | Interview Link
  15. Tushar Panchal | Interview Link
  16. Jesse Thomas | Interview Link
  17. Tanya Reynolds | Interview Link
  18. Ryan Moede | Interview Link
  19. Bruce Reyes-Chow | Interview Link
  20. Katarzyna Dziedzic | Interview Link
  21. Meg Taylor | Interview Link
  22. Klaus Holzapfel | Interview Link
  23. Xander Becket | Interview Link
  24. Paul Peters | Interview Link
  25. David J. Neff | Interview
  26. Ryan Jones | Interview Link
  27. Jonny Goldstein | Interview Link
  28. Ross Hill | Interview Link
  29. Shashi Bellamkonda | Interview Link
  30. Lisa Newton | Interview Link
  31. Matt Dickman | Interview Link
  32. David Berkowitz | Interview Link 
  33. Nedra Kline Weinreich | Interview Link
  34. Jeanne May | Interview Link
  35. Krishna De | Interview Link
  36. Matt Lee | Interview Link
  37. Andrea Hill | Interview Link
  38. Jordan Viator | Interview Link
  39. Todd Mintz | Interview Link
  40. Connie Bensen | Interview Link
  41. Tom Obrien | Interview Link
  42. Vandana Ahuja | Interview Link
  43. Robert Gilbreath | Interview Link
  44. Ronna Porter | Interview Link
  45. Becky Cortino | Interview Link
  46. Ben Ullman | Interview Link
  47. Todd Defren | Interview Link
  48. Josef Katz | Interview Link
  49. Zachary J. Braiker | Interview Link
  50. Michelle Riggen-Ransom | Interview Link
  51. Patricia Mayo | Interview Link
  52. Angelo Fernando | Interview Link
  53. Gaurav Mishra | Interview Link
  54. Paul Sweeney | Interview Link
  55. Linda Sherman | Interview Link
  56. John Trosko | Interview Link
  57. Mystery Blogger | Interview Link


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My interview is posted:

Congratulations Rohit! This represents quite a bit of work. Thank you for allowing us to be part of the launch.

A pleasure helping you launch the book! Congrats.

What an amazing feat to undertake. Good for you for taking on the challenge. Looking forward to perusing all the information and of course reading the book!

Congrats Rohit - and thanks for inviting participation.

Tom O'Brien
MotiveQuest LLC


Congratulations, what an amazing feat for an amazing book! Your interview strategy is pure genius. A fantastic way to share your "personality" with key influential bloggers.

Best of luck.

Congrats Rohit!
Looks like a fabulous book.
Love the launch strategy.
What an awesome way to step into the spotlight!

Great Idea
Inspiration in action
"Illumination Divine Inspiration from my heart to your heart"

Good idea !

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