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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Firebrand Helps Bloggers Get Ready For Super Bowl Snarkiness

For at least half of the people who will watch the Super Bowl this coming Sunday, the draw will not be as much about the game as it will be about the ads that show during the game.  As many bloggers and other social media types get set to Twitter the ads live, or react to them on community sites, Firebrand is launching a homage to this annual phenomenon in true over the top Hollywood tribute style.  The site, which I have written about before, will feature the greatest Super Bowl ads throughout the week, leading to what they are calling Firebrand Monday ... the day after the game.  Dubbing it "advertising's holiest day" - they are celebrating the entertainment value of ads in a way that maps well to what the site offers overall. 

Here is a video they released last night to bloggers to promo their activities:

Throughout the week, their schedule will include themes such as "chicks in charge" and "big time celebrities."  For those of you who are ad lovers, it will likely be a marathon event you won't want to miss.  And for those getting ready to snark it up real time on Facebook, Twitter, Pownce or <insert other social media site here> during the game, you may want to study up on the greatest past Super Bowl commercials to get ready.  After all, this kind of attention on advertising only comes once a year.


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Pretty good deal Rohit. I wonder if the content will be sharable?

The nearest we get to something like that over here in the UK is the soccer World Cup. But England have been doing so badly in the competition, in recent years, that it has been proven that there is a distinct power surge during the half-term (ads) when people go to their kitchens to make a cup of tea!

A bunch of marketers from the Facebook group, "What I Saw at the Direct Marketing Revolution," will Twitter the ads during the game. Details are here:

BTW Rohit, in case you didn't see, Firebrand is no longer.

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