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Monday, September 17, 2007

The Great Twitter Experiment

Ok, maybe not so great - but over the next week I am going to become an active Twitter user.  I have not been a huge user of Twitter, though I have written before about seeing the potential for using it for marketing.  Recently, there have been several other folks also speaking out about how it could be useful for marketing - some in response to Mark Simon's recent article in AdAge calling Twitter "asinine."  For my own experiment, I am here at Intel's IDF helping to create content and to capture the vibe of the event and post more quickly than blogging would allow, I am going to be live twittering sessions.

One event wouldn't really amount to much of an experiment, but over the course of this week, I am going to be in San Francisco, Chicago, NY, Detroit and then back home in DC.  In short, it's the perfect week to try something like Twitter because there are plenty of things happening for me - both client engagements like IDF, or the Promo event I will be speaking at this Wednesday.

So check out my feed at - and add it to your list of feeds to follow if you are on Twitter.  If you are among the many who believe that Twitter is just another Web2.0 enabled beta method to waste time ... check back next week as I will post a full recap of my experience and some highlights.  It should yield some interesting conclusions over a concentrated period of time.


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Rohit - welcome to twitter...but twitter gets interesting when you start getting tweets back and forth, following others as they follow you. I dig it.

see you Wednesday

I've been experimenting with Twitter, too -- just signed up to follow you ("MarketingProfs"). Looking forward to your recap!

p.s. Here's my initial post: "7 Ways Marketers Can Use Twitter"

Thanks for sending Ann - actually, I meant to put a link into your piece in the original post but was working too quickly and forgot. I added it now so it's in the post. Looking forward to reading your Twitter updates too and really sorry I can't make the B2B event in Chicago.


What I'm having fun with on Twitter is writing "really short"... producing something compelling in 140 characters! It's harder than it seems.

p.s. No problem about Chicago -- perhaps we'll meet in 2008.

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