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Monday, July 09, 2007

The Complete Gallery Of Simpsons Movie Marketing

I2m_simpsonsrohitavatar_3 In what may go down in history as one of the biggest integrated movie marketing efforts in the history of Hollywood, the pre-promotion for the upcoming Simpsons Movie is in full swing right now.  Unlike many other Hollywood promotions, the marketing for the Simpsons movies is going beyond billboard and print, beyond television, and beyond even interactive or viral.  This campaign has everything from creating your own animated avatar (that's mine on the left!) and having a chance to star in an upcoming episode, to winning the chance to get the premiere of the movie in your hometown provided you live in one of 14 Springfields around the US Vermont (the winning city ).  This post is an attempt to round all these marketing efforts up in a visual way.  Be warned, you might end up wasting an hour or more following all of the links below ... so read at your own risk!

If anyone has any other links of marketing related efforts from partners, or other images from Kwik-E-Marts, please email me or leave a comment to this post and I'll add them.  Also, below are lots of images and screengrabs from these efforts -- enjoy!

The Simpsons Movie Poster (with every character from the show):


Simpsons - Create Your Own Avatar Tool:


Simpsons USA Today Springfield Challenge:


Simpsons Official Partner Page -


Simpsons MySpace Page and "Simpsonize Your World" Contest:


7-11 "Get Animated Into A Simpsons Episode" Contest:


7-11 Real Store "Kwik-E-Mart" Makeovers:


Images from Kwik-E-Mart Makeovers (images taken from Flickr Galleries referenced above):




Simpsons XBox Promotion (Winner of "Lamest Promotion" of the lot so far):


JetBlue Blog Takeover by Mr. Burns (Winner of "Most Unique"):



JetBlue City Destination Bubbles (brilliantly boils the essence of each city into a single Simpsonesque stereotype - 14 cities in total):




I2m_simpsonsjetblue3_2 I2m_simpsonsjetblue4_2































































And last, but not least ... a real life Squishee! (from DCist post linked above):


Update: Simpsons X Vans Sneaker Designs (images from &





UPDATE (07/11/07): Vermont Wins USA Today Contest for Hometown Premiere




Update (07/19/07): SimpsonizeMe Site From Burger King (with funny error messages when site doesn't respond):



Update (07/19/07): Simpsons Mobile Website and Mobile Meltdown Marketing Game:





Update (07/19/07): Fashion Spread In Harper's Bazaar (via FYI-Mag)









Update (07/19/07): Simpsons "Homer Erectus" 180ft Chalk Drawing at Cerne Abbas (via Influential Marketing Blog reader Mark Tong):


Update (07/20/07): 4 Different Collectible Covers for Entertainment Weekly Magazine




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Hi Rohit, wow, I am just amazed at comprehensiveness of the Simpsons pre-promo campaign. New media, social media, traditional media, above-the-line, below-the-line, it seems there is no place where Bart and party aren’t there. Well, some pre-publicity for the movie has started in Singapore. Thus far, it consists of teaser posters at move theaters. I certainly hope we see more than posters and 7-eleven mug tie-ups here.

I have to get myself out to Bladensburg. But the real interesting thing, that Philly Inquirer pointed out, is that only those cities that actively campaigned to be the "real Springfield" are in the running. So the 5 (!) PA Springfields aren't there (despite some obvious clues that Pennsylvania is the actual state in question).

Not only have the movie been able to generate all kinds of non-traditional buzz, they've been able to rope in various town's own marketing departments into their promotion.

Well played Fox.

what's the URL where you can create your own Simpsons avatar???

Nice post Rohit.

I've also noticed that their targeting certain sub-cultures more specifically street culture with product really cool collabs (sneakers/urban vinyl toys):
- Vans x Simpsons artist series:
- The Qee Bart Simpson (by Toy2R):

I just took a road trip to the Kwik-E-Mart in Maryland on Sunday.
It was very busy, with a long line and a hired guard. Everyone was geeking out, taking pictures, buying doubles of all the products (one to keep, one for eBay). I tried to get Samantha Warren to blog about this, but this morning she sadly reported that you already had beat her to it.



I, too, am impressed and surprised by the extent of the marketing effort associated with this film. It will be interesting to see how it corrolates to box office and DVD sales. I blogged about this same subject a couple days ago:

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Here's one I saw last month at YouTube - Homer's favorite donut on the Statue of Liberty's torch:

Special coverage of the Fashion Week in Paris in "Harper's Bazaar":

Movie soundtrack in a great packaging:

Nice stuff... tough to keep track of all that is happening. I end up reading 100 odd blogs daily. Plus there is news. You could also enrich your blog by adding current news on your blog... try out the news widget from

PAGANS have pledged to perform “rain magic” to wash away cartoon character Homer Simpson who was painted next to their famous fertility symbol - the Cerne Abbas giant:,,2-2007320865,00.html

A very interesting take on movie promotion. Here in the UK, we have just launched the first ever Instant Messaging bot to promote Transformers: The Movie. That was a noticeable absence of the Simpsons campaign, as the IM user community fits nicely with those who watch the Simpsons.

The Transformers agent can be added your IM contact list by adding '[email protected]'. The campaign will inlcude a complete takeover of the MSN UK homepage on the 20th of July.

The Transformers agent allows you to view trailers, choose a side and background (Protect or Destroy) and has a viral referrla program incentivised through exclusive Transformers buddy icons.


There's a Simpson's Fashion spread in Harper's Bazar

I've been lucky enough (or is that 'crazy enough') to visit THREE of the 7-Eleven/Kwik-E-Marts: Seattle, New York, and Mt. View. And yes, I had my camera with me:


muy buenoo todoooooo!me encantan los simpsons.
los espero en

I just saw an episode of the food network challenge on the food network based on the simpsons movie.

I just saw an episode of the food network challenge on the food network based on the simpsons movie.

Id say i like the Simpson shoes! very cool, just like the shoes from

Brilliant round up of an enviably integrated campaign.

That's an amazing collection of simpsons stuff. I've been trying to find some of those pics for ages. Thanks

you are so cool for posting this ;) LOVE the fashion spreads haha.

Wow Rohit!

I can't believe the amount of marketing opportunities to coincide with the Simpsons movie launch! I bet 7 Eleven enjoyed the whole transformation and the joyous occasion.

The whole Simpson launch seemed to be fun, dynamic, innovative and fresh. I think the movie and marketing has revitalised the Simpsons brand. I go on the Simpson website later today to Simpsonize myself.

I am one of 200 volunteers who appeared in the winning Springfield Vermont video. After we helped our local Chamber of Commerce win the contest, they turned their backs on us. We should have been the first in town to be receive invitations to the world premiere but the elite in town were awarded our seats instead. And then not even a word of thanks or mention of us in the public ceremony outside the theater! You can read more about this and view our famous winning video and more on our new website:

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Looks like the ebayers are taking advantage of the upcoming DVD release of the movie to hock their custom xboxes: Check out Item #170175744304 and #160188881673 on Ebay.

Way cheeper now than that first one that went for $4000. D'oh!

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I’m still excited about the movie itself, but that has less to do with this specific campaign and more to do with the legacy of the Simpsons brand. I’m seeing the movie because I love the show and not because the movie marketing has created any strong call to action. Certain parts of the push, the 7-Eleven and other parts of the promotional aspect, have done the best job of adding to my excitement. But the campaign as a whole comes down as almost boring, and that’s something your marketing should never be.

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Wow, I didn't realize they've been advertising through so many mediums. I like the Chanel advert.

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