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Friday, January 26, 2007

Sneak Preview: Rembrandt TV Ad to Break on Desperate Housewives This Sunday

I2m_rembrandt_brilliantmouth_1 In a rare move, I am actually posting two days in a row about real client projects (I know, it's shocking).  For those who know me and this blog, I don't often talk about client work - mainly because our corporate blogging policy prevents it, and much of our work is either confidential or we are under nondisclosure agreements.  But there are many situations (like the Aveeno project I wrote about yesterday and several Intel programs from late last year), where the aim is to connect the work with the marketing community and I use my blog to help get the word out about the campaign.  The spot posted below is from a campaign we are collaborating with another advertising agency on.  It's a 30 second ad that will first air this coming Sunday during an all-new episode of Desperate Housewives - and more interestingly, represents a significant departure from previous marketing for Rembrandt Oral Care.  The spot is part of the new Brilliant Mouth campaign - check it out and if you want, add your comments to the video on YouTube:


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what is the name of the song in the commercial???

its called "waterfall" by griffin house

I don't pay any attention to commercials usually...cannot tell you the last time I noticed one to any extent. I do turn the tv on in the background often during my day and saw this this week. This is one of the most interesting, memorable, procative TOOTHPASTE commercials I've ever seen. I've told all my friends and coworkers about it. I predict it's going to be an enormous hit.
I was curious about the song too..thanks for that info

This is not a commerical that would influence me to buy the product. I don't like the way they are kissing and i wouldn't want to see it repeatedly every time the commerical is aired. It seems too sensual for a toothpaste commericial that kids may see.

Elizabeth, and people like her who liked this commercial and thought it was 'proactive' are on crack. Memorable? Sure. Possibly a hit with the horn-dog crowd? Most certainly. But a good commercial? Never.

I felt like it should have played "bow chicka bow wowww" music in the background. I agree with Sara on this one. It wasn't even near 8 p.m. on a school night when this aired on my t.v., for crying out loud! I felt the urge to take a hot shower and scrub myself a lot, after seeing this.

This is the sexiest thing I have ever seen. I could watch it over and over. If I could make it my screen saver I would. Very sweet and sexy couple. And a very sweet and sexy kiss. Loved it. I've been married for over 25 years and it brings back vivid memories of young love and passion. When I first saw it on TV, I actually turned to my husband and said,"I'm gonna go brush my teeth now... meet you upstairs." I don't remember what I was watching on tv before that so I may not be so good for the show that bought into it. Great job! Thanks! Got to go now and buy some Rembrandt, wish you could just do something about the taste. It is actually rather nasty tasting.

I agree, this commercial was totally hot. I'm also glad my kids were not in the room. I have Tivo and I usually power through commericals, but this one had me backing up and watching it twice. It made me want to spend some alone time in the shower alright :)

Diane and Sandy are right. This was a sexy commercial. A very adult commercial. Not cool for kids in the room. Diane admitted that she was glad the kids weren't around. Which is the reason I found it to be a bad commercial. We shouldn't have to worry about filtering ADS for our kids. But adverters sneakily throw smut at the tv for that very reason, because they can. Since ads are not rated by the MPAA, and therefore possibly blocked using the V-chip or parental controls, they can force this kind of content to TVs in households where people would not like seeing it, or have to tell their kids to leave the room. I would feel uncomfortable having to explain this ad to a 4 year old. Kissing? No. Implied foreplay? Yes. I expected clothing to drop to the floor at any moment.

I think this TV commercial is one of the best I have seen recently. I would not call it sexual in any way, sensual if anything and what is wrong with that? A kissing couple??? Fully clothed??????? Only showing their heads?????? Something good is happening to advertising at last!!!!!!!! At a time when the great American marketing machine is all about bold, sexy, brassy behaviour, some decent marketing people have finally realised that less is more and that you can have a very effective TV commercial using subtlety. Take from it what you will but I for one felt a little bit of romance spark up in me when I saw that commercial and would like to thank the Rembrandt people for their inspiration!!!!!

This better be the only commercial for their Brilliant Mouth campaign, because it's going to be hard to top!

Can anyone tell me who the male model in this commercial is?

hot. sensual. natural. beautiful. and pefect. the colors, the music, the KISS. and all that for toothpaste.
never in my life have i stopped what i was doing to watch a commercial. not only watch it, but sit and stare in utter captivation.

This commercial was absolutly beautiful. Anyone who thinks its dirty or what not is crazy. I wouldnt care if my kids were in the room or not. If you raise your kids correclty you should be able to speak with your kids about these types of situations.

Yeah, I'm curious about the male model too. Is it Joshua Alba? He resembles him to a T.

My sister and I are in lust with the guy in the ad. She rewinded and played back in slow motion. She is 52 and me 49. Said it made her feel 25 again. Thanks for cheering up a dull evening. :)

I seen the commercial earlier with Josh. Oh no, I will dream sweet sweet dreams tonight. It is awesome, to say the least. I could watch it over and over and over and over. I want a copy of this please. Thanks

OK, I might be in the minority here ... but if I saw two people like this kissing in public do you know what I'd say? "Get a room!" If I don't want to see this while out in the real world I sure as hell don't want to see it on my TV ... over and over and over again ....

This is my absolute favorite commercial right now. All day I find myself singing the song, which is exactly what Rembrandt wants me to do. I just might even go out and check out their toothpaste. Their job is successfully done on my part.

WELL, this is the second morning I have got up and watched the commercial again. I found myself smiling when he did. Just that little smile. I wonder if he would set up a kissing booth? I would definetely be there. She seems to be quite the kisser herself too. I just had a difficult time focusing on her when I had him to look at. Whew, is all I can again say. I am going out to get some Rembrandt today and singing the song all the way through the store on my way to purchase it. Watch out guys, here I come. LOL

I am obsessed, I just watched it again. LOL I am in love. Where is he?

Hold onto your love, yeah I like that. I watched it again this morning. Thought not to, then said yeah go ahead, make your day. Now I am in a better mood. I actually am singing the song in my head. WOW he is so cute. Is he going to write anything in the comments back to us or not? I have never been in love with a guy like this since my first boyfriend in Junior High. LOL Josh and Sandy rofl Cute huh?

What's that song playing in the commercial when nicollette sheridan(don't kno her name on the show) says to that guy mike that she hears he's a plumber and for him to go over and check out her pipes? lol its doesnt say any words in it when they show the commercial otherwise i'd tell you

The hot guy's name is Mark. They have more kissing on

all I can say is wow....this is one captivating commercial, I've told everyone I know about's very hot without being over the top or tacky. I don't know why but there's something about the simplicity of the whole thing that makes you unable to turn away from it. Very effective, I'm sure in a few weeks everyone will know the brand by heart!

wow, i am totally in love with this commercial. I always stop to watch it. it's so sweet.

btw, who is that guy?? i know his first name is mark...

The ad is fantastic!

I cant believe that some people are talking ugly about this ad!
you must live a lonely or sad life if that doesnt want you to keep your mouth pretty for your spouse!
seriously! My Girlfriend and I love this commercial.
(and i like it cause of the kissing part) (haha)

Loved this commercial. Makes me want to kiss my husband. Also reminds of those days long past - - when things were so new and we "made out" a lot.

Nice biting of the lip, upped the heat.

This is THE 21th Century translation for Klimt's painting "The Kiss".
It has everything it takes: Warmth, envolvement, lOVE.... The audience can "feel it"! I wonder the couple are actually twosome. If not, what a superb job!!!!!! My friends cannot stop talking about it!!!!!

Please tell me who the guy is in the rembrandt Kissing commercial. We know his first name is Mark - anyone know his last name?? He looks like a guy I use to go to school with. His he Canadian????

I think his name is Mark Day. He looks like a model from New York, I see him on the subway here all the time and he's always in GQ.

yes, his name is mark day and he is now dating the girl in the commercial! it was just on E!

Wow, I found the ad itself effective. It had us all talking about the toothpaste in the office. Beautiful kissing! Kids should see fully clothed affection.Bravo Rembrandt.

I work in the industry, so I'm naturally cynical when it comes to advertising. This commercial was done so beautifully, and the follow up with everything on the website, including a feature on the artist who sings the song was a great move.

P.S. Marta and Mark are a couple who have been dating for 2 years. They didn't meet on the commercial and then start dating. Another brilliant move by the agency to use a real couple.

Wow...that about sums it up. I tell ya, I didn't even know WHAT they were advertising...I couldn't get past that kiss! How anyone could think that this was an inappropriate commercial for kids...HELLO!! Have you not seen any of the crap that's in the PG movies?? This was very tastefully done! They are completely clothed, and it only gives a head shot. Everyone should be able to relate to the real romance that we have all encountered at one time or another. Too bad I haven't been kissed like that for a LONG time!

WOW best comm i have ever seen. Mark is just well WOW. More of him please.

I never have had a "favorite" commerical, and I must say, this is my favorite! I have used Remembradnts brand of toothpaste before, but I prefer Colgate, but this commericial GOT my attention, it's a good ad to make a product appear "sexy" which that's what the target seemed to be because I usually watch a lot of tv & it aired just before Valentines day. All in all, good commerical, beautiful, makes me want to brush my teeth and make out with my boyfriend.

To all of the people who complain that they would not want their children to see this commercial because it is too sexy or sensual...

Why would your kids be watching Desperate Housewives on a Sunday night? Obviously if the commerical is playing during adult shows it is meant for adults to see. If you believe your children are grown up enough to watch shows with adult material, such as Desperate Housewives, and allow them to do so then how can you be so offended by such a commercial?

Also, it's not as though the commerical implies anything other than kissing is going on or will be going on. No heavy breathing, clothes coming off, etc. I guarantee you concerned parents kiss in front of your children all the time, in my opinion that is no different.

They are a real couple!!!!!!

very hottt commerical.
i get very annoyed to see a commercial over and over again but this one i mean i could see it all day.
it veryyy sweet and hot.
i love it.

very hottt commerical.
i get very annoyed to see a commercial over and over again but this one i mean i could see it all day.
it veryyy sweet and hot.
i love it.

i cant believe anyone would be offended or turned off by this commercial! i have never enjoyed an ad soooooo much in my life. get a grip,you haters out there!! its a KISS!a sweet,soft,loving,tender,playful KISS!!!! I LOVE IT!! i can actually feel their emotion. i haven't been in a relationship in awhile and boy does that remind me of what ive been missing. when i hear the music,i honestly come running to the TV. please DO NOT stop airing that ad. thanks for bringing a spark to a somewhat dull exsistance... I LOVE IT,LOVE IT,LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

The Models name is MARC DAY he was raised in England (white mother, Jamaican father) He served a mormon mission to Greece and speeks greek and spanish. He has been modeling since 2002.

I think this commercial is inappropriate. I don't care what age I find it very offensive. Save it for the bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved that commercial and I am a mom w/ 3 children. That was just an intense loving kiss - did you know the two actors ended up becoming a couple after that add and they have been together for 2 or so years (how cute). There is nothing wrong w/ showing a little love - it's better than the half naked teens doing adds showing it all for a sneaker add or music video. Two adults everyone who is talking bad about it needs to get out more and hey maybe try to have a lil love like that in your life (ha ha)

here is a few photos of him i found by googling him.

Informing you of how utterly offensive I find your ad on tv. This is not the sort of "intimate sexual activity" that I want my family to see. If I knew when it would be on, Iwould shut the tv off. I know I speak for thousands of viewers who feel the same way but don't take the time to inform you. Please regard this message seriously. At this point,I do not feel that I can continue to purchase your products, as you apparently stand for comprimising morality. Yours sincerely.
Joann Hyde

"compromising morality"?? ppl, r u kidding? this commercial is amazing! it makes perfect sense...take care of ur mouth, it can be brilliant. a kiss is brilliant! i know what rock u've been living under (PRUDES!) but where i come from there's nothing wrong with a kiss. trust me ur kids are gonna be doing muuuuuuuuch more than that when they become teenagers so get used to it. this commercial snatches my attention whenever it comes on (the guy is hott!!). it makes me wanna meet up with my honey just so i could kiss him. this ad has yummy written all over it! GREAT JOB!!

This is THE hottest, sexiest commercial I have ever ever ever seen!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!! I've never tried the toothpaste but after watching this once I WANT TO!!!!!!!

Fully clothed....kissing is somehow "comprising on morality"??? Kissing....the most natural thing we could do! The thing your kids will be doing in just a few years. Get a grip and gear your efforts towards complaining about all the crap they put on Nick TV for kids. Seen a Bratz doll recently?

The problem with this campaign is that there was no online/search follow up. After I heard it, I went straight to Google to search for who sang the song and watch the video online. There was no advertisements on Google that directed searches to their website. The first result on google was a blog talking about the commercial. (this was a month or so ago so could change by now). I had to click into maybe 10 different results before I found the video. This was an ENORMOUS oversight by Ogilvy.

Hi Danielle,

Thanks for your comment. Just to clarify, Ogilvy was actually not responsible for any of the online advertising for this ad, nor the keyword marketing. All of these efforts were managed by another advertising agency, and in fact, another agency filmed the actual spot (which I noted in my post). I appreciate your point of view, and see the logic of it ... but I think it's important to note that our only responsibility in relation to this ad was to help get it out onto YouTube for our client and foster the dialogue (which has been substantial) around it as part of our word of mouth and PR driven efforts. The keyword marketing activity was something that would have to have been planned either by Rembrandt's advertising agency, or their media planning agency and unfortunately was not an element of this campaign we had the power to suggest or implement.

After reading almost all of the postings, I am glad to see that there are still down to earth, kind people, that want to see good old fashion love. Now,the folks concerned with the kids, you won't be able to protect them from the world, it is the way it is, but it is reality, I wish that if people wanted to fight, they would go back to fist fighting, not guns, knifes, or whatever.

Now, back to the commercial, it got my attention right away, it is so meaningful, and truthful, so relax and ENJOY IT, I am!!! I feel and think it is beautiful, people being REAL PEOPLE :-)

the commercial got me to buy the toothpaste. they are doing something right. relax it wont corrupt kids. if they are too young they think its gross. otherwise kids are going to do that themselves one day anyway. so let it be. good commercial i love it.

Kip Z

I love this commercial. I haven't seen it in such a long time that I had to google it. I love the way it makes me feel. Wow, this commercial sure has had an impact. I even told my mom about it and told her I just wanna go out and kiss someone when I see it. I can't say enough how much I love this commercial. Good job rembrandt. Keep airing this commercial.

who is the girl??????????


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