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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Intel Partners with Second Life and Launches a Blog ... This Week

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I2m_intel_live_without_1 In one of the most interesting campaigns to come out of our Digital Influence team yet, we are helping Intel to launch a stunt during the Digital Life event which will place one of the top builders from Second Life, Versu Richelieu, in a storefront window in Manhattan (on 39th and 5th) for 72 hours.  We are working with Millions of Us to pull this together, we will be creating a real time event where Versu she will be building something (it's still a mystery) in the virtual world and have a live feed so people can watch her doing it either in the virtual world or the real world.  You can view the live feed at starting Thursday.  At the end of the 72 hours is a great twist and along the way she will be collaborating with other builders (including Robbie Dingo), Second Life residents, and anyone else who decides to stop by.

Lending some credibility to Intel's relationship with Second Life was the announcement a few weeks ago during the AMD event (ouch!) that Second Life uses Intel's technology.  Put all of this together, and it's clear that this event will be a great way to showcase the Core 2 Duo chip and how well it handles the processor intensive activities of Second Lifers.  Not surprisingly, it looks like the stunt will be featured in many press outlets and is already starting to hit the waves.  Along with their newly launched IT-focused blog and their sponsorship of the Vloggercon event earlier this year, this campaign is another great example of how Intel is continuing to join the conversation online and find ways to participate in the dialogue beyond traditional means.  Watch out for another great personal media effort from Intel next week ...


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Whoa - Intel doing a Second Life event? I've gotta look more into that. Do you have any info you can send me, Rohit?

Thanks! :-)

Will do, Josh. Look out for an email from me shortly ...

One of the more intersting integrated promotion campaign I've seen on Second Life.

And, with this event being blogged and podcasted and videoblogged (via machinima), it certainly shows the power of embracing all mediums, even if they don't make sense at first. :-)

This was great to watch unfold. Glad to see it getting picked up by Rocketboom on Friday too!

The Intel/SL cred might go further if the client ran on Intel Core Duo powered Macs faster than an old Commodore 64 game.

I like how this event taps into many different media as well as different realities. This allows people to find out about the campaign from almost anywhere; playing Second Life, walking past Datavisions in New York, the live internet feed, and even blogs (where I found out about it). After reading it here I had to write about it and spread the word of mouth.

Too bad Second Life still refuses to support Intel graphic cards, LOL.

I have a 3GHz Vista machine which came with DirectX 10, native support of OpenGL and an Intel onboard chipset ... and can't access Second Life as they don't support Intel. Even at a resduced resolution or smaller viewer screen size would be ok by me.

"Lending some credibility to Intel's relationship with Second Life was the announcement a few weeks ago during the AMD event (ouch!) that Second Life uses Intel's technology"

Well that may be true of the Core BUT Intel chipsets are NOT supported in SL. To work on Second Life I wonder what chips the Intel-ers are using: nVidia I suppose.

How about compatability for the people who have Intel graphics, Rohit? It doesn't look good to have the system requirements say that anything with Intel in the name is not supported.

I agree with the above, It is ludicrous when their own graphics cards are not even supported in SL. They need to fix it. ALL SOny laptops are made with INTEL graphics, like the mobile 965. Most new computers use Intel chipsets...


I second the motion that intel fix the issue. It's most dissapointing when you get a brand new laptop and can't run SL.

It's funny ya know.........All of this...about Intel in with second life...yet...second life doesnt support Intel Graphic cards...On which most all computers come with...And what alot of people I know who want to play the game have...but they cant. Yeah...GREAT stradegy...Nice one....ya'll suck.

thank god im not the only person having problems..

i could understand SL not working on my old crappy laptop, but i tried it on my girlfriends new dell inspiron 1520 and it still wouldnt work..

i thought i was going insane?!?!


Hire me and I will fix the problem ... in about 12 months.

On the other hand, I visited the Intel site in SL and left a message complaining about the inability to log in using the Intel 965 chip.

No matter what's going on behind the scenes, we're not being informed.

The only solution is to MAKE A BIG STINK!! So ... altogether now ... contact Linden, Intel, and your computer maker often. Let them know you're not amused.

Sniff - sniff .... does anyone smell anything?

I've found an answer to my problem. I'm now able to log into SL with my Intel Mobile Express 965 chipset.

Google "disable Object Occlusion to this file"
or go to

and search on the page for "disable Object Occlusion to this file" (without the quotes).

This same fix works with the OnRez viewer for the CSI TV show.

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