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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Human Side of Search: Presentation from Search Insider Summit

Below is the presentation on the Human Side of Search that I gave today at the Search Insider Summit here in Keystone, Colorado (right click image or link to download PDF):


UPDATE - The MP3 version of this presentation is now live.

The concepts outlined in this presentation are also further explored in three previous blog posts:

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Thanks, Rohit, for sharing your powerpoint with us. You have a lot of great ideas for how we can make our content search-engine (and human) friendly.

And, as you show, on the other side of things, the search engines are making it easier for us to find what we're looking for.

You might be interested in a new health and medical-specific search engine called I just read about at IgniteBlog (, which seems to use a more intuitive method for helping you figure out which links are relevant to the information you need. I think we'll be seeing more and more of these topic-specific search engines, and hopefully also more that help filter out nonrelevant information. As you highlighted, tagging may be able to help with that process.

An interesting presentation, and one that resonates with my own feelings about using bookmarked resources to limit searches (as with things like deliSearchl, a feed powered searchengine that uses personal delicious feeds to limit a Yahoo search over pages or domains).

The approach also generalises to using arbitrary feeds, as for example this searchfeedr bookmarklet for Technorati tag pages (such as shows... (Note that the page search doesn't tend to work here because the pages aren't yet indexed by yahoo! - but the domain search is fine...)

hi, and thanks mr. Rohit for sharing yor knowledge in the form of slides with us. this kind of search can readily help us in getting real content what we are searching for.

Most of the times it happens with me when we are searching for something on net we get so many of results that instead of gettin the answer for waht we are looking for, we get much more confused in which one to opt for.

this kind of search can also help in saving the unusal time we are wasting in reading so much of articles to get the rite one
one's again i would like to thank you for ur help

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