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Monday, May 29, 2006

Top 10 Blog Posts No One Ever Read

Bloggers don't get backwards readership.  This is an unfortunate result of posting in the journal-style format that most blogs have.  The recency of any entry spirals downward from the moment it is posted, with the shelf life of an average blog post is not much more than a few days.  This week is my one year anniversary of blogging, and among the many truths I have learned from the experience is the sad realization that there were some great posts that I just wrote too early.  And no one reads old blog posts, which is a shame since now I actually have readers.  Rather than wish that some of my old posts could be dialogue starters as well, I thought I would go through and find my ten favourites to highlight here.  So in a hat tip to the ubiquitous clip shows that many TV series circulate, I thought I'd pull out my top ten list of blog posts from the "early days" that I wish someone had read:


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Rohit -

Great concept to post your top 10. Is there a way to put these into a category on the right? Highlight them somehow? Maybe even update based on user and/or your personal ranking?

On a side note, I really enjoy reading your blogs - insightful, entertaining and educational. Keep it up!

DJ Waldow

Hi Rohit,

Just wanted to let you know I riffed off of your post about fear marketing:

Great idea to bring some of the old posts back up front. I like DJ's idea to put your top 10 on the sidebar somewhere. Maybe I'll eventually do that myself.


Thanks Nedra - you are right that this is an often used tactic in social marketing campaigns, to questionable effect. One note on these top ten, they only go through the first six months of posts - I also like DJ's idea of putting links to my top ten posts on my sidebar. Now I just have to sit down and pick which ten ... ;-)

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