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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Landrover Tries Bluetooth Marketing

In downtown NY today, I passed a billboard for a Landrover promotion encouraging people to put their bluetooth handsets to discoverable in order to learn more about something.  Aside from the relatively cryptic call to action, this is the first example I can recall of having seen a company try to use Bluetooth technology for marketing.  I tried the promotion from the Starbucks downstairs from the Ogilvy office, a few blocks away - but I ran into some technical difficulties.  In fact, as I saw the billboard, I was wondering how it would work.  Most times when you pair devices with Bluetooth, it requires verification from both devices.  This is obviously to prevent fraud or unwanted pairings with devices accidentally left in discoverable mode.  For Landrover's promotion, however, this necessary step prevented me from pairing my device with the "Unknown" device that I assume was the Landrover promotion.  As much as I like the newness of the thinking here, by my quick estimation there are three core problems with trying to use Bluetooth in the way Landrover is doing here:

  1. Duration - Bluetooth connections are for devices that you would usually want to be paired for a longer duration of time.  Aside from a single message or novelty interest, I certainly wouldn't want to have a dialogue with Landrover over time. 
  2. Distance - Bluetooth only works over an extremely short range, explaining perhaps why I had trouble being only a few blocks away.  For a billboard likely to be interacted with by people walking away from the site, it's probably not the ideal situation. 
  3. Difficulty - Pairing devices by Bluetooth is not yet a mainstream cell phone activity, and usually requires a two way interaction as I mentioned earlier.  These barriers, along with the fact that you can't really walk while doing the required activity means consumers (unless they are gullible marketers like me) probably won't stop to try the campaign.

I wonder if any other companies out there have managed to use Bluetooth successfully as part of a marketing campaign.  Anyone have any great examples to share?


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These guys are making some interesting projects here in Europe. Nike runs a very successful campaign in Barcelona using these devices.

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Your pairing "hurdle" can be due to your phone actually. I tried this at the Comic-Con last week in San Diego on a portable system from New Line Cimena with my Samsung handset, and it required pairing. The guy next to me had a Nokia and it did not ask for pairing. So, looks like a phone issue. I heard that the equipement used at the Comic-Con was supplied by Alterwave located somewhere in Europe.


Pairing is generally not required to receive objects via Bluetooth. However certain models based on e.g. Nokia Series 40, version 2, requires pairing if the object type is an application (.jar file). This could have been the explanation.

Im working for Blip Systems.
If the solution had been based on our BlipZones product and you showed up with a terminal based on Series 40, version 2, at an access point set to distribute .jar files you would have received an picture stating that you should send an SMS to number XX to get the file.

This solution is only possible because we are able to identify the phone models on the fly, and because we have an updated database with phone capabilities.

Our Bluetooth marketing system BlipZones is sold by partners all around the globe. BlipZones is a complete Bluetooth markting network with a central web based content mangement system, Bluetooth access points and an optional mobile client.

The latests addition to our platform is an interactive mobile brochure (BlipExplorer) which can be edited and builded via our content management systems and distributed/updated via Bluetooth.

The staff at Blip Systems has worked with Bluetooth networks since 1999, first as a part of Ericsson and since 2003 as an independent company. We know Bluetooth.

We have a system to do this in all of our venues, its top class and having tested two other systems found it to be by far the best

We believe excellent content can be sent, by avoiding sending .jar files. We concentrate on sending high quality media imagery, animation and video to potential customers.

Bloozy Bluetooth Marketing

Approximately Marketing Solution has the ablitity to turn visitor into customer some time you are walking in a mall searching for something you might recieve a blutooth message guiding you for something better . BlueMark is a blutooth location base marketing system which has the ablitity to send interactive messages to vistitor for public awarness, offers and many other this product has many features that is it spaming software they care about the reciever that if they offer him and he/she reject the system will not offer him again and if he recieve an adv. he will not recieve it again and again hotel are using this system as hospitality and many major places in UAE and we are not finding any problem.

For sure

Dear Rohit, IMHO you have misunderstood the field application of Bluetooth marketing.

You have said that "Bluetooth connections are for devices that you would usually want to be paired for a longer duration of time" but the time to transfer a content is only a few seconds (a 20'' video in 3GP format weight only 180KB) and after the first delivery you will not receive the same content again.

You have said "Bluetooth only works over an extremely short range" and it's not the truth. You can set the power of transmission up to 100 meters but this is not the right way to make BT marketing. It make no sense if the access point try to spread the contents over a radius of 100 meters to people that are not viewing his mobile phone, more important is to deliver content to people that are really near to the billboard and have a real interest (because the are reading the advertise) to download content.

You have said "Pairing devices by Bluetooth is not yet a mainstream cell phone activity" but, for most mobile phone like Nokia, Motorola, etc. it's not necessary to pair the access point to the mobile phone. You have only to accept the first request of connection and then the access point send you the contents automatically.

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Stefano Di Persio

Here at ipsh! - we have been evaluating Bluetooth as a marketing medium for a number of years, and it is definitely becoming more viable in the US (I believe it is already more popular overseas).

Im a fan of anything marketing / mobile - but one thing I have to say to the Bluetooth vendors out there that is constantly making me grind my teeth... STOP SAYING THAT THE RANGE IS 100m....

Yes - I know your device can spit a signal almost three hundred feet... the simple fact of the matter is that you could throw it a thousand feet and it wouldnt matter. Bluetooth requires both the transmitter and the phone to be in range and 95% of the phones have a range of about 30ft on a full battery. Yup. Thats right. 30ft.

What does that mean? Well - Bluetooth isnt as "passive" of media as we would like to believe. It works best when there is a sign telling you to turn on your BT device, set it to discoverable and then see what happens. Without effective media, BT effectiveness drops dramatically.

To that point... if you still need that same type of effective media, why wouldnt you at that point just put a SMS call to action on the poster? Dosent SMS have a higher adoption rate and keep you from having to have this specific technology on your phone?

ProximityMedia has a Bluetooth Mediaserver that is superior to anything I have seen in the marketplace. I have tried numerous other companies and they all seem to fall short. ProximityMedia exceeds the other companies when it comes to software. Bluetooth radios are everywhere but if you don't go with a company that has excellent software to support your needs you'll end up wasting your money. their website is

What about the simultaneous number of client connections?
Maximum at a time is seven

A lot of the software I have seen in poorly designed and not user friendly. The company I used, Nextgen Bluetooth Marekting, designed there own software and it only took a few minutes to work it out.

A lot of the software I have seen in poorly designed and not user friendly. The company I used, Nextgen Bluetooth Marekting, designed there own software and it only took a few minutes to work it out.

A lot of the software I have seen in poorly designed and not user friendly. The company I used, Nextgen Bluetooth Marekting, designed there own software and it only took a few minutes to work it out.

@SDP: Actually we have performed some tests showing that even a laptop with USB Bluetooth dongle can transmit a file via bluetooth over 140 meters (460 feet). The receiver was standard Sony Ericsson k750i mobile phone.

But in general I agree with Stefano: range is not as important as it seems to be, as there are only about 2% of people that would accept connections from unknown source, so you may focus on people walking nearby the billboard.

In case anyone needed more info on bluetooth marketing, feel free to ask via or visit our website about bluetooth marketing

We have found that the best use of bluetooth marketing campaign is when it used in an 'opt-in' manner, rather than an intrusive, non-expecting way. A great example is the Landrover Billboard example, if users WANT more content from the bilboard, then it is a very feasible option...if users do not want the content, then the bluetooth advertising does not seem to be as effective. As for pairing with other devices, most modern phones need no pairing to accept bluetooth transmissions although Samsung is one the models that still require some pairing.

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Hello, my name is Gerardo Taglianetti and represent the company dinoLAB, the first agency bluetooth guerrilla marketing. At its market launch has exposed the posters showing a mock newspaper article announcing the sighting of an alien in the vicinity of the city and also shows a picture of 'extraterrestrial.
People were asked to activate the bluetooth mobile phone because it was said that they will be sent a video recorded by a young
Witness the extraordinary event.

Instead of the video, the device has sent a second image with a phrase that says that for technical reasons the video is not supported by the phone and asks the person to visit the site of our agency where it is explained to them that this is a joke and which were part of a campaign of bluetooth marketing.

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For anyone who is thinking about trying a proximity mobile marketing solition I WOULD NOT recommend BLIP Systems. We used their product with our network of retail establishments and it failed within a few days. The hardware stopped working.

They charge far too much for this product. There are hardware fees, software license fees, user license fees, fees to use basic features on the software, etc.

There are much better systems at a lower price. I feel this company is only interested in charging customers, not the quality of their actual product.

Please learn from our experience. I would not recommend Blip products.

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My view is that the approach to Bluetooth marketing that uses bigger and more powerful servers does not work and will not work.
That is because phone manufacturers design, test and tune Bluetooth antennas for short range voice communication (1-5meters).

For successful Bluetooth campaign, you need to use servers that understand the mobile constraints and that works to address them, instead of forcing something onto a mobile phone.

For example, sending a file to a mobile phone over a distance of 25-30 meters will work with a couple of phones, but will fail with most phones no matter how strong the transmitter is.

Please check BlueMediaServer com FAQ for more details.
Also, please check this server that is designed to work with mobile phones. For example, instead of putting a $600 super transmitter that will not work, this server is priced between $99 and $189 so that you can put 3-6 separate servers at different locations, and be closer to the receiving phone.


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