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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chalkvertising: Watch Julian Beever Create One of his 3-D Pavement Drawings

As a follow up to my earlier post about our campaign for Aveeno working with Julian Beever, we just posted a video on YouTube showing how Julian creates those amazing 3-D pavement drawings of his.  You can see all of his previous work in a Flickr Gallery, and the video is below:


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Check out the video of Julian Beever working on his chalk drawing The Fountain of Youth that he made for Aveeno. Thanks to Rohit Bhargava for sending me the link. \ [Read More]


I love Beever's work and I'm fascinated by how he is able to create his drawings in the proper perspective even though they only work when looking at them in one direction (and look completely distorted from any other viewpoint). I wish the video had included more of the initial laying out of the picture to show how he figures out the perspective, but it looks like he just looks through some sort of viewfinder (camera?) and translates the distances in his head. Pretty amazing - I'm sure the video will be a hit.

Thanks Nedra - it's not mentioned on the video, but you would be interested to know that there was a social cause integrated into this campaign. At the actual fountain, we were also collecting donations for the Keep America Beautiful campaign and this was the social cause that was integrated into the campaign. While not the focus of this video or the online posts, it was a clear focus of the actual event and the experience of any passersby who actually made it out to Union Square last week.

What a great pairing of brand and cause (and promotion)!

That was simply amazing!

Creating something so amazing out of something so bare. Kudos to your campaign and Julian for tying Aveeno's brand to represent the awe-inspiring.

Thank you for sharing Rohit. You did it right.

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